Aug 13

Aaron Fallon: The Emmy’s Greatest Host

Aaron Fallon photographed the one and only Neil Patrick Harris for the cover of AwardsLine. The versatile actor is hosting television’s biggest night, the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards, for the second year in a row. Tune in on Sunday, September 22nd!


Aug 8

Nick Onken: The Collective Magazine

It’s grease lighting baby! Nick Onken and the Collective Magazine reinterpreted the famous 1978 movie, Grease, for a recent feature in their magazine. To check out more of the “Greasers” spread, visit Nick’s blog.

Aug 6

Claire Benoist: Fitness Magazine

Claire Benoist makes our mouths water with satisfying summer meal ideas for the July/August issue of Fitness Magazine!

Aug 2

Randal Ford: Time Magazine

Randal Ford spends a day at the beach capturing the cover of Time Magazine.

Aug 1

Cade Martin: A Night At The Drive-In

Cade Martin takes us back in time for the August cover of Virginia Living. The array of vintage cars were provided by car club members around the state who were excited for a night at the Goochland Drive-In.

July 30

Andy Glass: A Dino-Mite Experience

“HOW OFTEN DO YOU GET TO MAKE A DINOSAUR?” Andy Glass is recalling the fun—and larger-than-life challenge—of the ad campaign he recently shot for Samsung that starred a ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex. “This was a very cool project,” he says.

Imagine the most creative puzzle you’ve ever encountered, and you’ve got an idea of what went into the shoot. A photographer known for his versatility, Andy relied on his diverse skill set to put it together: for the first shot, images from a street shoot in Cape Town were combined with a 3D dinosaur built in wire frame, and details—including drool off of the T-Rex’s monstrous teeth—rounded out the imagery in post-production.

For a second image, the client planned to add the dinosaurs to an image from their library—until Andy looked outside. “We were looking right out on the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens in South Africa. It was such a Jurassic setting. I knew we could make it look incredible.” Waterfalls from a previous shoot in Argentina were later added to complete the effect and make the dinosaurs look right at home.

A ferocious job well done, Andy!

July 25

New Work: Sara Forrestlifestyle_04

For her most recent shoot, Sara Forrest spent a week on location in Kansas capturing good times on Lake View.